A bottle of wine is how this all started. Half way through my first week of living alone after my ex of two and a half years moved out, I was feeling lonely and vulnerable. I tried to convince myself that I was fine and desperately tried to attain a sense of control and to trust in my decision to end things. So I did what any sane person would; I sat on my balcony in the fading twilight of the dwindling summer with a bottle of wine and I drunkenly joined Tinder.

This blog is designed to be a lighthearted insight into the dating experience of a 25 year old Melbourne girl (I don’t feel old enough to call myself a woman). The stories are all true and somewhat embarrassing, but hopefully they’ll at least make you smile, if not cringe a bit. I’m sure they aren’t unique experiences either, so hopefully some of you will find some comfort in my tales.